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Our Story

Analina Rag Dolls was started in 2013 by Alicia after many suggested that I sell my dresses that my daughter would wear. In 2013, I started a small Facebook page and start growing the name Analina Rag Dolls and selling items here and there. I was searching for the best fit for our creations to be showcased. Now in 2018, Analina Rag Dolls has tons of fans and followers on most social media outlets and have been going to local craft fairs and events. With that said, we decided to open an online boutique to make it easier for our fans/customers to shop without having to search Facebook or Etsy.

You may have noticed that we no longer sell dresses and clothes that is because I (alicia) found that I love to make dolls, stuffed animals, and mermaid tales. I made my first doll for a friend's daughter in the early 2000's and have been making them ever since. As a company, we feel it is important follow your dreams by doing what you love and love what you do. Plus we love seeing the smiles on their owner's faces and hearing about your creations years later. We do develop a special bond with most of the dolls and stuffed animals, which can take up to 12 hours to make one.


We did change the name a bit to fit a Boutique look and to make it easier to find. The unique name Analina means "bold and confident beautiful of nature" according the name meaning. We thought that was fitting because our beauty creations are one of a kind, plus it is my daughter's middle name!

Cuddle time with my lovey this weekend b
This tiny raggedy ann found a home at th
I love love these colors on her, for me
This is the other face behind Analina Ra
Our collections are made with love by Sandra and Alicia Cross

Sandra started making dolls in the early 1980's and selling them at craft fair for many years. Unfortunately, life got busy and her sewing was put on the back burner. As of 2016, we started going to craft fairs and building up the business name. Alicia started sewing and making items to sell in about 2013 after falling in love with sewing for my daughter. More recently Alicia started making stuffed animals and mermaid tale blankets.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create traditional/nontraditional rag dolls and stuffed animals that children these days (technology era) will love. We have added bright colors and fun ideas while still offering the traditional Raggedy Ann and Andy with white bloomers and apron. The goal are mission, is to allow parents and grandparents to share a bond or connection from their childhood with their loved one(s). In turn, this will help promote pretend play among little ones, both boys and girls. As we all know, pretend play is a very important part of development that can foster needed skills for later in life such as babysitting and parenting. Yes, we truly believe that boys as much as girls need to play with dolls, whether it is a doll of their own or someone's else. Learning to nurture will not have a negative affect on a child.


Finally, our goal is to have a variety of dolls with all different shade of skin, hair, eyes, and clothes. We want our dolls represent the population, with all our differences and commonality. We are all Beautiful flawed just like our dolls!!